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Style Aroma Osciem
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EO 188 Combava Petitgrain Essential Oil (Organic)

Combava possesses very distinctive and unique characteristics that are quite different from other citrus essential oils.  The dried leaves are said to have an antihistamine, antispasmodic and hypotensive action.

Combava Petitgrain essential oil has been successfully used in cases of insomnia, nervous tension and stress, where a combination of inhalation and massage has proved effective. The essential oil can also be used to combat respiratory infections as well as for local action on herpes. The anti-inflammatory properties have proved useful in cases of arthritis, gout and rheumatism.

Source of Oil: Madagascar, Leaves

Type: Organic

Blends Well with




Available in 2ml, 5ml, 10ml and 30ml

Citrus hystrix